Welcome to Delta City BBS

As the Internet keeps on spinning faster and faster, and as so-called Social Media is taking up more and more of our time, it may be hard to remember the days when communication between people all over the globe was simple, precious and worth the time it took.

Those were the days of Usenet, of Fidonet and of the Bulletin Board System: the BBS.

Delta City BBS is a place for those of us who still remember and maybe even smile a bit about the old days.

Well, the old days are back again. More and more BBS-systems are started every day and old and new message networks such as Fidonet and Agoranet are picking up more and more speed every day.

In a time where we carry around a small super computer in our pocket, it is not uncommon for more and more people to kick back after work and spend some time with an old Commodore 64 or Amiga 500 and a great game from 20 years ago.

This is called ‘relaxing’.

So welcome to Delta City BBS. A place of relaxation, a place to hang out and get files for your old computer and a place to meet others like yourself.

Sounds like a pretty nice setup to me.